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This contemporary neighborhood design will offer a variety of housing options with residential serving commercial uses, a neighborhood park, and an abundance of open spaces connected by a network of trails, sidewalks, and bikeways.  Carson Creek Village will transition a currently underutilized portion of the business park into a vibrant new community within El Dorado Hills. 

Click to see the land use plan for Carson Creek Village

Exhibit G_Proposed Land Use Plan (2) cop


The Carson Creek Village commercial concept is focused on introducing small to medium commercial retail and service options to allow residents and Business Park employees to shop, eat, and meet many daily needs without driving a long distance. The commercial businesses will be strategically located at key access points within the project area to accommodate traffic flow. The commercial sites will also be served by our system of paths and walkways to provide for ultimate convenience and connectivity.

ctc603_Columbia River_MG_2063RGB (3).jpg
ctc519 Peets and beyond_G7A7458RGB copy.
osw370 NewSeasons_G2K8A5A5227.jpg
ostc263 Bldg 1_G2K8A5A6753.jpg


A variety of housing options in a walkable and bikeable environment will help nearby employers retain employees and attract new opportunities and jobs to the business park. The Carson Creek Village plans for medium and high-density housing will satisfy the currently unmet need for smaller homes in El Dorado Hills. These smaller homes will serve the community, including but not limited to families trying to enter the market and residents looking to downsize. These residential units will be in proximity to potential workplaces in order to reduce commute time and allow residents to walk or bike to work.

Med dens.png
Medium Density .png

Medium Density Housing

The medium-density housing zoned area will provide opportunities for single-family homes with small front yards and backyards. These homes will be located in close proximity to Carson Creek Village’s walkways, open spaces, courtyards and park. 

The Quarry.jpg
High Den.png

High Density Housing

The high-density housing zoned area provides an opportunity for three to four-story-high apartments, condos, or townhomes whose complexes often include extra amenities such as swimming pools and fitness centers.

Parks & Open Spaces



Over one-third of Carson Creek Village has been set aside as a green network of park, paseo, and open spaces. This network will provide for recreational opportunities, serve as gathering places for residents and employees, help to establish a communal sense of identity, and provide for natural resource protection.

Trail 1 (2).png
Neigborhood park .png

Included are:

  • A neighborhood park that will support local resident and employee recreational needs and may include ball fields, sports courts, play structures, picnic areas, and other facilities.


  • A paseo with a multi-use trail allowing residents and employees to travel along and enjoy the adjacent open space. The paseo will connect to our network of paths and walkways in addition to the existing Class 1 pathway on Latrobe and the Pathway serving Heritage that currently terminates at Golden Foothill Parkway.

  • Open space corridors to preserve the habitat along Carson Creek and its tributary drainages in their natural state. Extending along the entire western edge of the community, the Carson Creek open space corridor will provide a visual amenity, as well as a buffer from existing and planned R&D uses to the west and north.


Seperated Sidewalks .png
ctc-lifestyle-boardwalk_G7A8033RGB (1).j

Click to see the connectivity plan
for Carson Creek Village

Exhibit K_Circulation.jpg

Throughout Carson Creek Village will be an interconnected network of paths, sidewalks, bike lanes, and roadways to maximize mobility and convenience. This network will enhance connectivity to allow residents to easily walk or bike to meet their daily needs, reduce vehicle trips, and promote a healthy lifestyle. The network will also capitalize on existing facilities to connect to regional bike lanes and multi-use trails.


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